Outdoor Discovery Award - 1 Star

Key facts


£100 per person

(Group rates available)

Course duration

One day


Three years

Minimum age

18 years


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NNAS Outdoor Discovery Award - 1 Star

The Outdoor Discovery Award (ODA) is ideal for people of all ages who wish to learn basic navigation skills at a gentle rate, encouraging them to gain and improve personal confidence to get out and get active.  The award has been developed to help group leaders introduce the basic elements of navigation to people who want to explore outside.


Previously known as Young Navigator Star Awards (YNSA), the revamped and updated ODA continues with the core ethos of the YNSA: encouraging exploration and journeying in local areas using simple maps such as street maps, pictorial park maps and orienteering maps. The ODA levels are aimed at all age groups and abilities.

At 1 Star level, participants:

  • make simple maps and sketches to show journeys

  • undertake journeys for fun, using a simple map or plan

  • gain a basic understanding of symbols, scale and map setting.

After achieving the ODA 1 Star, participants will have acquired basic navigational skills and will be able to make short journeys in familiar terrain using their own and other people’s sketches or representations of the area.

This navigation course is organised and run for groups. Sorry, we do not provide open courses for this qualification.

To arrange one of our navigation courses for your group, please contact us.