RLSS UK ATSPRA - Therapy Pool Rescue

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(Group rates available)

Course duration

One day


Three years

Minimum age

18 years


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RLSS UK Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award

The Aquatic Therapy Shallow Pool Rescue Award is a supervision and rescue qualification for therapists, teachers and support staff working on the poolside or in the water during activities such as, aquatic therapy or therapeutic exercise/play. The qualification is suitable for use in shallow pools where the rescuer will not be required to swim to perform a rescue, with water no deeper than the rescuers chest depth. It is a 7-hour course for new candidates including a 1-hour assessment.


The training course covers:

  • The teacher/therapist, risk assessment and pool safety

  • Intervention, rescue and emergency action


An additional 7-hour module can be incorporated in first aid and CPR.


However, it is not a standard component of the course as many teachers and therapists working in these environments already hold suitable qualifications.


Emergency first aid at work and AED qualifications may be added on to the course programme.

This course is usually provided for a group of employees at your location.


Please contact us for availability and costs, as well as advice about the type of training which would meet your needs.